By Bligh Voth



    1.) If you are watching Josh Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" try the Hayes Chardonnay!


    -A perfect "classic" California chardonnay paired with director Josh Whedon's modernized Shakespearean "classic" which, (dorky fact) was filmed in his OWN home in California. This wine, like this story, needs no frilly explanation or selling on my end. The wine gives you what you want from a California chardonnay with the nose of apple and pear, a touch of apricot, and the whisper of butter. The wine's nuance and the movie's nuanced performances will leave you intellectually buzzed in all the right ways.


    2.) If you are watching "Breaking Bad" try the Watts Cabernet Sauvignon!


    -Additionally, if you are NOT or have NOT watched Breaking Bad, what's wrong with you? You need my Netflix account password? Let's talk. Because you know when something punches you in the face it's so good and you're like, "Thank you, and please do that again"??? That's what this show AND this wine do! This cabernet is rich, bold, and riddled with dark fruity undertones just like Walter White! The dark undertones I mean...not that fruity bit. Also, for a delicious twist, this red leaves you with a slight herbal note of fennel and dill for something completely surprising just like, well, every single plot twist of this show.


    3.) If you are watching "Gilmore Girls" try the Broglia "La Meirana" Sparkling Gavi!


    - You know what's never wrong? Bubbles. You know what goes well with bubbles in your stomach? That's right, I'm talking about the feel good mother/daughter show that takes place in a fictional Connecticut town and covers every possible white woman problem imaginable, the love-to-hate "Gilmore Girls" series. All. Seven. Seasons. This sparkling Gavi won't last you thru more than 3 fights between Lorelai and her rich, overbearing parents but the light apple and pear noses coupled with the delicate blend of just enough acidity leaves you wanting more! So get two bottles! There are certainly enough episodes to even warrant a third:) 


    Bligh Voth is an actor/blogger/aspiring wine snob, trying to graduate from boxes to Bordeaux. She has a blog she'd like you to read called "Avocados Are For Rich People" that can be found on her website


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