• What to Drink and What to Watch: Broadway Edition

    By Emily Vere Nicoll

    The Lights! The Glamour! The B list movie star whose career needs a boost! Broadway has it all- which makes it the greatest and most touristy thing next to the Statue of Liberty to wow and impress anyone who comes to visit. Broadway is as New York as faux Chanel and Ellis Island. And this season, Pour has the recipe for what to drink while dishing about what you just took your Aunt/Grandmother/inevitable house guest to see on The Great White Way.


    The show doesn't end at the curtain call!

    After a night out singing and dancing with the stars of Mamma Mia! bring the excitement home, put your party pants on and pour yourself a glass of Three "Red Label" Zinfandel. This rich flavorful wine from California is full and fragrant featuring the dark fruity aromas of plums and blackberries. At 15.2% alcohol, it's guaranteed to get your shy friend up to sing her rendition of "Dancing Queen."    




    "Put down the knitting the book and the broom," come enjoy a bottle of Grands Flers Fluerie!

    On your way home from being entertained by Alan Cumming in Cabaret stop by Pour and grab a bottle of this Gamay varietal. Originating from France, Christian Bernard's family has been making wine for over 100 years with 50-year-old vines. Needless to say, this wine is full and lush in flavor with deep scents of red cherry and light minerality. A perfect nightcap to a wild night on Broadway! 




    Classic show, classic wine!

     Pop a bottle of Meleto Chianti Classico after bringing a date home from seeing On The Town. This high quality sip of perfection from Italy will fill your palate with red fruits and vanilla. A preview performance should always have a post show! 

    Emily Vere Nicoll is an actor, director, producer, writer and a Jane-of-all-trades. She is an aspiring connosiuer of food and wine, traveling all over the world to experience all sorts of fine and local dining

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