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    By Alisha Giampola
    The day after Thanksgiving...Black Friday...a retail explosion of cheer so overwhelming, we understand why you would want to stay in bed. For those brave souls heading out into the wild, we'd like to offer you a definitive timetable for getting through the most exhausting shopping day of the holiday season not just intact, but keeping your spirits up too.

    6am - Your alarm goes off. Why oh why did you agree to go Black Friday shopping with your Aunt Marie and the grandparents and all the cousins? Whatever, this coffee is going to help. A little bourbon in the coffee is going to help a lot more. Rough Rider Bourbon, made locally in Montauk, LI, will make you feel ready to charge on the retail stores of your choice and capture all the good deals. You know who didn't think it was too early to start drinking? Teddy Roosevelt, that's who. 


    8am - How are this many people already inside Bloomingdales?! Are those two old women actually fighting over a Chanel fragrance sample? You aren't sure how long you can be here. Good thing that bourbon coffee fit in a to-go cup.



    12pm - Time for lunch and probably another drink. You've decided to take a break from holiday shopping by doing more holiday shopping on your smartphone while sipping a sparkly glass of Juvé y Camps, Gran Reserva Cava. Ahhhh. You really deserve that.
    2pm - Okay best idea ever. Stop at POUR and get wine as gifts! Who doesn't love wine as a gift? No one you know, that's for sure. The Chateau Saint-Ange, St. Emilion Grand Cru will make a perfect present. With its soft cinnamon, vanilla and spice notes, this Bordeaux is ideal for pairing with rich holiday flavors like lamb and turkey. Just looking at the Jaques Girardin Savigny-les-Beaune  Premiere Cru is making your mouth water. A gorgeous, classy Burgundy with touches of raspberry, cherry and strawberry, this wine places you firmly at the top of both the "naughty" and "nice" lists. Go ahead and pick up a bottle for yourself while you're here, you spreader of holiday joy. 
    5pm - It's been dark for a half hour already so it's time to take the shopping bags home and say "bah humbug" to Seasonal Affective Disorder by cracking open a bottle of perfectly balanced Eric Boussey Monthélie Pinot Noir while watching something festive. You made it! Pass the chocolate! 


     Alisha Giampola is a NYC-based writer/performer/teacher who really enjoys pairing wine with popcorn. You can read more of her words at . 

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