• The Wine of the Party

    By Alisha Giampola


    Holiday party season is upon us, and it's the most wonderful season of the year. It gives you a much-anticipated reason to dress up, while offering the tantalizing possibility of eggnog. Arriving to any soiree with a gift is a warm and festive way to show your hosts you care; and arriving with wine is truly doing unto others as you would do unto yourself. The wine you select says a lot about you as a guest, so what do you want to say?


    The Life Of The Party: Bissinger & Co. Champagne Brut
    You walk in the door as confetti and jazz music magically fill the air. Everyone either wants to be you or be your best friend. You are wearing GREAT shoes. You are Gatsby without the tragic ending. The fruit and citrus notes in these bubbles will float any party to the next level. This party could officially run through January. With a touring company,


    The Mysterious Party Guest: Valpantena Recioto della Valpolicella Tesauro
    You brought a dessert wine because you like subtle surprises. Like you, this wine pairs well with blue cheese, chocolate, and late night conversations with friends. This is a specialty of Verona, so it would be more than appropriate to invoke a little Shakespeare as the evening/bottle wanes: "Drunk all! And left no friendly drop to help me after?"

    The Friend Who Is Family: Chateau La Roque Blanc
    A superb blend, just like you, this lush wine from the Langedoc balances floral notes with bright lemony acidity. Your presence brings a welcome calm to the conversation, you have a way of tactfully navigating those awkward holiday political/what are you doing with your life/when are you having babies discussions as you gracefully step aside to pour everyone another delicious glass

    The Most Interesting Person At The Party: Dominique Piron, Morgon

    This full bodied Beaujolais goes with everything and is sure to delight everyone. It will add richness and complexity to your meal, is completely drinkable on its own, and is a superb wine to age. You are totally nailing this party guest thing.


    Alisha Giampola is a NYC-based writer/performer/teacher who really enjoys pairing wine with popcorn. You can read more of her words at . 

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