• Pink Time! Part 2: Meanwhile, Elsewhere in France

               Meanwhile, elsewhere in France, vignerons are making their own pink wines, and we at Pour are busy ferreting out the best of them from Bordeaux, the Rhône, the Loire, the Southwest, anywhere and everywhere that rosé is enjoyed.  That every major French wine region sports its own version of rosé should be enough in itself to convince the doubters that pink is a color of wine to take seriously, but anyone desirous of finding out for themselves at no cost should drop by practically any of our daily tastings in Spring and Summer, where pink...

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  • Pink Time!

    PART ONE – SOUTHERN FRANCE There’s no better time to start a blog than the Spring, and Spring at Pour means one thing: Pink Wine! We are fans and proponents of rosé, into it long before it was cool and now glad that everyone else is figuring out that it isn’t sweet, it isn’t wimpy, it isn’t anything but the best wine to drink in the warm weather. (We also believe it’s great to drink in the cold weather, too, but that’s a subject for another post.) If you are still suffering from the White Zinfandel Hangover and think of...

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