About Us

About Pour

Pour opened in 2006 at the corner of W. 75th St. & Amsterdam Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
We’re guided by a set of basic principles:

Consumers want an easy and enjoyable, versus overwhelming and stuffy, wine purchasing experience.
A wine shop should be oriented the way wine consumers think; not the way the wine industry thinks.
Ensuring everyday value should be a priority, so wine can be a daily part of life’s pleasures.
A focus on unique wines & spirits not found just anywhere, giving customers a sense of discovery.
Staff should constantly educate customers so they feel more comfortable in making their own wine and spirits purchasing decisions.
In a nutshell, making the wine buying process fun, interesting and intriguing again is our goal.


Pour is:


INTUITIVEFood pairing and flavor attributes are the foundation of our approach to the wine shopping experience.

Pour makes it easy and enjoyable. Instead of displaying our wines by grape or region or country, our carefully chosen selection puts wines into categories the way consumers think… “what is this wine like?” , “how does it taste?”, and “will it work with my menu?” are the most frequently asked questions. So we display the wines in a way that answers these questions.

Pour puts each wine into a category by flavor profile and food pairing. Each wine is grouped into Bubbly, Crisp, Mellow, Plush, Bright, Velvety, Bold or Sweet depending on how it tastes and feels in the mouth, and what foods and preparations it pairs with best.

Planning a specific menu? Making a delicate filet of sole? Look in Crisp for the right pairing. How about that strip steak you love? Go to Bold. Each category has a thumbnail description of the foods and preparations with which it pairs best. And each wine has a specific note card helping to answer the most exotic pairing questions along with the Pour team who all know the wines by personal experience.

– At Pour, we work hard to find wines that give you the best value for your money. In fact, 80% of our wines are $25 and under. Regardless of our price, all our wines give you exceptional value.

- At Pour, we feature small-production, hand-crafted wines and spirits that embody the place they come from and reflect the people who made them. A winery which puts its efforts into the vineyard rather than the ad campaign makes a better wine; likewise, one that makes five thousand cases rather five hundred thousand. A family tending its own vines and making its own wines takes more care and pride in the wine they create. At Pour, we believe that such wines are worth seeking out for their superior and consistent quality, and we work hard to find them for you.

– The wines we carry must pass our own careful selection process. We taste between fifteen and twenty candidates for any given spot on our shelves. Every bottle is chosen for its value, quality, food-friendliness, and above all its deliciousness! Whether you need a Crisp white for flaky fish, a Bright red for roast chicken, a Bold red for steak, or a Bubbly to make the party, you can be sure that whatever you choose has been rigorously tested to make sure it’s great!

Every member of the Pour staff is trained in our unique Pour approach, and tastes every wine on our shelves, to ensure you get the best out of our carefully-chosen selection. We are constantly providing in-house and outside wine education to ensure our staff can help you thoroughly, explaining each wine’s characteristics and quirks, and how they will pair with the food you’re preparing. This focus ensures you fully enjoy our free daily tastings as well as the wines you select. The study of wines is our passion, and when we make a recommendation, you can be sure it comes from experience and knowledge!


About The Owner: H. Tres Meyer

Tres has always been a lover of food and wine, and has traveled extensively to explore those passions. In fact, Tres and his family moved to France for two years so that he could immerse himself further in a wine culture. These experiences highlighted how wine retail in America can be confusing and overwhelming—instead of being based on how people naturally think about the experiences of buying and enjoying wine with foods. From this observation, the concept of Pour was born.

Tres brings 25+ years experience in brand management, marketing, and general management across virtually every consumer channel. His career has spanned many iconic brands, such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Guinness, Coach, and Yahoo. Over time, Tres increasingly moved to more entrepreneurial opportunities, and by 2007 he left the traditional corporate world to focus on launching and growing Pour.

Tres and his family have lived on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for more than twenty-five years, and love all cultural aspects of the city.   Pour is the essence of all Tres has learned through his enjoyment of New York City, love of travel, and successful business career.